Surrendering your Bulldog

Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (IEBR) exists to find homes for English Bulldogs that will love and care for them. Bulldogs come into Rescue for many different reasons, however, most English Bulldogs are owner surrenders, turned over by owners who can no longer keep them. Whatever the reasons, we will not question your motives for giving up your pet. We are here to help.


If life has thrown you a curve ball and you must surrender your English Bulldog, contact us, by e-mail: Surrendering your pet can be a difficult decision to make. We will answer questions you might have that might help you to make an informed decision. We will ONLY take custody of your English Bulldog IF and WHEN you are ready.


Before you surrender your bully we ask you to fill out the form below. Once we have accepted your Bully into IEBR, we may need a few days to determine the best foster home and to arrange transportation. If the situation is critical, please let us know. We may ask you to meet one of our volunteers for the surrender, or we may send them to your home.


Please note: We only accept Pure Bred English Bulldogs


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